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Whimsical (Faux) Dreamcatcher
2016-09-01 10:33
I found a bunch of unused ribbon when cleaning my craft room a few weeks ago and decided to put it to use by turning it into a whimsical dreamcatcher. For this project I needed: 1 small embr… Read More
DIY Yarn Tassels And Branch Art
2016-08-20 23:45
I’ve needed a craft project in my life. I’ve spent a bunch of time cleaning up my craft room (which quickly becomes our crap room), and noticed that my work bench needed a little… Read More
Fixing Up A Busted Dresser
2016-07-27 22:24
Gosh, it’s been at least a year, if not more, since I fell in love with this antique dresser at a thrift store near my house. The zebra(ish) wood was to die for and the price was righ… Read More
Did I Mention We Redid Our Kitchen?
2016-06-17 11:10
My kitchen is never clean enough to photograph. It’s not that we’re gross people, or so I tell myself. But something is always on the counter that shouldn’t be, or the… Read More
Final Reveal: Hardwood Floors
2016-05-23 13:24
The last month has been a bit crazy,  but my semester ended and I finally had time to take some photos of our beautiful wood floors. I have a love-hate relationship with our new f… Read More
Renovation Station, Part 2
2016-04-13 12:18
When I last left you in March, my house was in complete disarray after opening the wall between be kitchen and my dining room. Even when the wall project was complete, our renovation was no… Read More
The Windy City
2016-04-10 23:36
Last weekend, mom, Emily and I hopped a plane to visit my older sister in Chicago. She and her business partner were having the grand opening of their new BYOB painting studio, the Surreal… Read More
Renovation Station
2016-03-11 19:25
So we randomly started a major renovation of our house. It is sort of how we work. I dream and plot and dream some more about what I want to do in our house, then we start one small project… Read More
Crate Table… Finally
2016-01-28 12:57
Remember this crate I bought 50,000 years ago? OK, it was really only 2.5 years ago. But that seems long enough to finish a project, amiright? I knew I wanted to do something awesome w… Read More
The Blizzard Of 2016
2016-01-26 20:10
I LOVE SNOW. SNOWY SNOWY SNOW. SO MUCH SNOW. DOWN IN MY YARD. LOVE IT SO MUCH. The East Coast got SLAMMED with a blizzard this past weekend and Brian, Remmy and I LOVED IT. Yes, we love snow… Read More

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