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A Vancouver makeup artist, model, and an university girl blogging about everything from makeup products, nerdy talk, cars, and many reviews.
Fragrance Post: Fresh - Citron De Vigne
2011-10-30 22:16
How I love the scent of this when it dries down! It's like a mix of light lime. Kind of like the faint hint of lime in a Gin and Tonic!The notes in this perfume is: Neroli, Bitter Orange, Pi… Read More
2011-10-20 21:01
Look what I found in my swatch folders! I remember back in the day where people went crazy for these pigments. Ignore the watermark I did as usual. Light swatches (indoor)These are in the ol… Read More
2011-10-16 21:33
I dug up some old swatches I did before ... 2 years-ish to be exact.This is MAC Violet Fire back from the Style Warriors collection in 2009.Bottle picture (indoor): Nail swatch (outdoor):Thi… Read More
2011-10-12 18:39
So I don't know if I'm going to restart this blog or remake using a new name.But I have no where else to write this and Twitter limits me to 160words.A lot has happened since my last post.Co… Read More
Grinding Books
2010-11-08 07:31
*nom nom nom* So if you haven't noticed already, school started again.Yes, cramming and studying already. I'm taking all Health Science courses this semester.Going on to third year...ONLY a… Read More
Blah Blah...Done Yet?
2010-09-11 21:37
Yap yap yap...some people just don't know when to stop. Don't get me wrong. I love listening to people and chatting but when you start being repetitive...we have a problem. I can stand aroun… Read More
Chopstix Studio LAUNCHED!
2010-08-13 23:30
Our business cards! Heck yea! Chopstix Studio is opened! Our site it up! Go check it out!The anticipation for this studio to launch seemed like it took forever! Owned by two females! Hayley… Read More
Hush Hush
2010-08-09 05:47
I look like an idiot in pretending to put on make up when I have some already on... So I've been in contact with the same company that produces MAC brushes for awhile now. The girls out the… Read More
Emo? Blood Shed Virtually!
2010-08-07 03:12
Yes...I'm emo/not happy in this picture while holding up Starcraft2! So today everything came crashing down on me. So what did I do when Twitter died on me because I over tweeted? I wanted s… Read More
MIA? Hell Yea, & I'm Back!
2010-08-05 01:35
Yea, that's literally how I felt when the iPhone 4 launched. Frustrated in choices. I was happy with my iPhone 3G and 9000...then that day came. I had both the Blackberry 9700 AND iPhone 4… Read More

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