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2011-09-15 07:52
I recently gave you a post on Marie Laveau's burger. This time around I'm giving you a bunch of pics from Marie Laveau's Sunday brunch. Look at the picas and you'll realize that this is the… Read More
2011-08-10 19:40
I read a review somewhere that this place was nice. If I hadn't I would have never set foot in this place. Looks like something where the local drunks hang out for cheap beers. Take a look a… Read More
Made In France
2011-08-08 17:18
You can find my thoughts on Restaurant Eden right here. The burger however has been improved - one can tell just by comparing this year's pic with last ones. Restaurant Eden Plage Mala - Cap… Read More
It Ain't Hard To Tell
2011-08-08 16:33
I did a post on Acchiardo last year. The place is better than I remebered. I had the same bolognese as last year, started with some nice cold cuts though. Marcy had the lamb and fries and th… Read More
I Love The Dough
2011-08-05 13:20
French food can be great but Italian food is so much better. That's one of the reasons I like to take the train to Italy when I'm in Nice.Sanremo, 20 minutes east of the French Italian borde… Read More
The Money Is The Motive
2011-08-05 07:53
The best new discovery on this years Nice trip would probably have to be Café Borghèse. Located in the port, on a boring street where I'd never would have thought you'd find a… Read More
What's Beef?
2011-08-04 15:02
I've been to Nice something like 13 summers straight. Every year I come across some new nice things. A beach, store, restaurant, bar or some nice product at the supermarket. Aroy Thai was on… Read More
Food In The Kitchen
2011-08-04 08:11
The food is always the main attraction with going abroad. Staying someplace with a kitchen is of course a big bonus. Restaurants all day every day is great... but being able to cook at "home… Read More
Marie's Room
2011-08-03 11:43
You don't get any closer to a real american burger in Stockholm than this. Marie Laveau has got a special summer menu with simple grilled food and shakes. Go on a Tuesday and you'll get a sh… Read More
Burger Bonanza
2011-08-03 11:16
Went to Pubologi, in Gamla Stan, last week. I loved it! Great service (ping @Fille), atmosphere, food and Belgian beer. I had the burger. 300 grams of cow between two buns of bread, fries an… Read More

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