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Father’s Day Banner
2014-06-02 12:52
I’m increasingly in love with fun foam sheets for a bit of quick crafting; I’ve seen some amazing stuff done with it (I do NOT do amazing stuff!) over on Pinterest, but what I do… Read More
Easy Sew Felt Purse
2014-04-25 19:18
Over the years sewing with felt and comforting embroidery cottons has proved a hit with my girls again and again. This quick purse was made up from scraps of acrylic felt and oddments from a… Read More
Felt Easter Egg Decorations
2014-03-21 13:56
A year ago my girls spent a happy afternoon making these banners to decorate the house for Easter – such is life with a small person in the house, I’ve only just got round to blo… Read More
What To Do With A Polystyrene Egg?
2014-03-20 13:49
We recently used a crafting kit from our website that included lots of bits and bobs of different craft materials, not least 3 different sizes of polystyrene egg. I was hoping to get to deco… Read More
Foam & Felt Mother’s Day Card
2014-03-18 18:39
I’m not always very good at mixing my crafting media; I tend to make something out of all felt, or all Fimo etc But I happened to find myself playing with a Spring craft pack the other… Read More
Simple Pipecleaner Daffodil.
2014-03-09 22:48
If you read our other blog, the one about out family, you’ll know it is now nearly 4 years since our little boy fdied at 11 days old. He was an April baby and daffodils are the flower… Read More
Hama Bead Shamrock Patterns
2014-03-01 22:49
If you are gearing up for some St Patrick’s Day crafting, you might like these free hama bead patterns. Made with Green, Mint Green, Translucent Green and Pastel Green, they cheered up… Read More
St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Jar
2014-02-23 21:48
St Patrick’s Day seems the perfect time to bring out two of my favourite crafts again; Fimo and glass jar decorating! This is an easy craft which would be great as a sweetie jar (smar… Read More
Fabric Bag With Cat Motif
2013-10-22 11:11
Over the Summer, Maddy wanted to experiment with using our new sewing machine and decided to have another  go at a bag she had tried once before and hadn’t been so pleased with. T… Read More
Scruffy Cats In Pom Poms & Felt.
2013-10-21 10:25
We love pom poms here but they’ve not been out for a while. Long autumn nights and evenings watching Strictly are here though, which means some winding of pom poms can happen and some… Read More

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