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2016-10-03 03:01
Crazy to think, one year ago today we made our way through pouring rain and rising floods to pick up the part of my heart I never knew was missing.I could tell you the story of heartbreak, o… Read More
Show Me Your Glory
2015-12-24 22:18
It’s a familiar path, this is home. I feel my body relax as soon as my feet hit these salt-stained, splintering boards. They lead me out into the water, closer to the deep. I know thes… Read More
He Binds Up Our Wounds
2015-10-25 21:48
By the time I make it to the bottom of my second cup, the last few sips have gone cold. I'm reading through the framework of the faith, the pages written by spiritual giants, scrawling out n… Read More
What A Difference...
2015-09-23 15:44
He picks us up.Dollar plants, sitting parched in garden store bins.Wilted and lifeless, He takes us home. Easing us out of our plastic containers,carefully tearing us from the things that ho… Read More
The Cure
2015-09-14 14:06
It's a strange juxtaposition... The floors are still sandy but the house smells like apples, cinnamon, and cloves. Pumpkins sit perched on tabletops while beach towels tumble in the dryer. T… Read More
This Is Love
2015-08-08 16:47
I went to Hospice yesterday. I rode along with my mom who went to visit her precious aunt battling a brain tumor. In the car I watched a video of a pregnancy announcement, in an entertaining… Read More
Oh June
2015-07-30 15:52
June, June... we thought you'd never make it. She's fashionably late, always the life of the party. Warm, suntanned skin that only you can feel the burn of fresh sun. She's ol… Read More
Oh July
2015-07-30 15:52
July is the oldest sister, established and stable.She's fiercly independent, but painfully nostalgic...Naturally nurturing and overly empathetic.High standards and expectations, she can't he… Read More
Oh October
2015-07-30 15:50
Oh October… She's stolen a place in my heart forever. Summer's final flourish, one-upping the months before her with a welcome change. A breath of fresh air. She can't keep a secret… Read More
Set Apart
2015-03-02 15:08
I had a painful conversation with some friends last week. We got together for lunch and on the way there, one shared that she was absolutely heartbroken over news she had received. A friend… Read More

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