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2016-10-23 08:24
Hi everyone, I find it really important to hear other people’s stories and advice on their experience of being diagnosed and living with a Chronic Illness. It can be reassuring, that m… Read More
2016-10-05 11:23
Hi everyone A guy in an MS group I’m a member of on Facebook just shared this poem. I love poetry and found this really moving and powerful. I thought I would share it, it can be diff… Read More
One Year On…
2016-09-24 14:31
Hi everyone Hard to believe that it was a year ago today that I was diagnosed with MS. If you have read my other blog posts you will know that it was a massive shock, that I went to meet th… Read More
A Late Night (albeit Brief) Rant 📢
2016-09-12 00:11
Join with me in giving MS the v-sign!!! So yeh, pretty sure I’m having a relapse – hence the red nose and eyes a relapse basically means some more of my myelin is being attacked… Read More
2016-08-01 16:28
Hi everyone Just a quick post on some changes to my diet that I’m making. I read a lot about people eating a certain type of diet because they have MS. For example, Jack Osborne switch… Read More
2016-06-25 14:12
Hi everyone! Just a quick update on how things have been going so far in the old MS department! Unfortunately, since my last post I have had to come off Tecfidera, the treatment I was t… Read More
Treatment Decisions And Massive Sacks
2016-04-18 16:05
Hi everyone! Once again if you have read my previous blogs and are back thank you for still taking the time to read my posts! For those who are here for the first time, welcome This will be… Read More
Non-Moving Sofas And The Road To Diagnosis
2016-03-30 15:03
Hi everyone If this is your first time reading a post of mine HELLO and thank you! If you read my first post and are back HELLO AGAIN and a massive thank you for staying interested and givi… Read More
2016-03-21 23:15
To whoever is reading my first ever blog post – thank you! I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to do so. We live in a pretty fast paced world, one with a lot of distractions… Read More

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