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There's A Stain On My Notebook...
2013-08-12 04:29
got a lot of livin' to do before i die. blah, i have been taking pictures of silly things with my phone lately. more worthy for instagram. i'll get back to the real this week. promise.&nbs&hell…Read More
Air Made Of Bricks.
2013-08-02 03:13
hey there delilah.we had a little indian food fiesta/vino extravaganza/impromptu whisky tasting at my lovely coworkers last night. with a guest appearance from my favorite little one. … Read More
...and Me And My Baby Got To Eat.
2013-02-03 17:15
back to my ways.i gave my life to second semester senior year, to my summer position as LEAD coordinator, to moving to chicago, to starting my first full-time job, to taking the series 7/63… Read More
Feel The Heart Beat On Your Ear Drum
2012-01-16 22:07
first picture i ever took.well not ever, but the first one i took with a big girl cameral....even though it was nicks. any who, at the age of 13 (one day after my birthday) my dad handed me… Read More
It's Christmas Time In The City
2012-01-16 21:44
merry christmas baby.whole time, our star was crooked. petty.lack of fireplace in the city house. improvised.hope you all had a wonderful holiday.b.[silver bells; bebe and cici] Read More
We Alive But We Aint Livin'
2012-01-16 21:28
blog rats.srn and i love a good blog. we stumbled upon 'home made apple chips' they were lovely, we finished them before we could take an after picture.b.[liberation; outkast] Read More
I'll Wait Up For You Dear
2012-01-16 21:15
twas the night eve at the nicholson's. we take pride in out black santa collection, sleeping santa is my personal fav.hope your holiday was fantastic.b.[santa baby; eartha k… Read More

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