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2013-11-10 07:10
i'm no longer posting anything on this account as i've moved to a new one..i will still open this from time to time though..thank you! Read More
2013-10-23 06:33
10/24 chinen tv fan11/4 okamoto qsama!!11/8 chinen quiz somosan seppa11/13 zenkoku e dvd11/16 nakajima kanjani no shiwake 811/30 chinen birthday12/2 yaotome birthday12/7~ yabu toniwa1/22 yam… Read More
2013-10-02 06:18
1 - aiba masaki (15587 votes)2 - fujigaya taisuke (4252 votes)3 - tamamori yuta (2772 votes)4 - nakajima yuto (2754 votes)5 - yamashita tomohisa (1711 votes)6 - yamada ryosuke (796 votes)7 … Read More
Hey!Say!JUMP Zenkoku E JUMP Tour 2013 DVD
2013-10-02 05:16
cr on picfirst press:- premium package- special photo cards (postcard size; 9 solo, 1 group)DISC 1Nagano Big Hat 7/15OvertureSuper DelicateHitomi No ScreemBorn In The EarthOur FutureOverAi-i… Read More
2013-09-16 03:00
sorry i can't post entries as frequent as before because our internet provider's still under maintenance..>__anyways, it was honestly pretty difficult in my part to select the winner of m… Read More
2013-09-11 05:27
i got my new jphone the other night!it was kinda confusing using this phone coz i'm used to other friends who own jphones use softbank as well..a comparison between softbank 821… Read More
2013-08-31 06:21
i was finally able to rip a 2-hour video last night!XDit took me 2 painful hours to rip it though coz my laptop's ram is only 2gb..i've used my friend's 4gb ram pc before and it only took me… Read More
2013-08-29 02:06
I took a sick leave yesterday coz I had fever. I spent my entire afternoon and night ripping videos for a friend. Most of my vids got lost when my laptop crashed. I didn’t really care… Read More

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