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أداة نشر مجانية لمدونة الويب من Google، لمشاركة النصوص، والصور، والفيديو.
2011-10-19 15:23
Give your hair some much-deserved (and maybe much-needed) TLC&M    Tender Loving Care & Moisture (TLC&M)     We have all heard TLC (Tender Loving Care) a… Read More
Shea Moisture Products Anyone?
2011-10-18 15:33
Heard of Shea Moisture and their organic hair products? www.SheaMoisture.comI had never seen these products before until I moved into my new apartment and went to the Target across the… Read More
Yummm...Avocado In My Hair
2011-10-15 23:04
So most of us know about the wonderful and luxurious nutrients found in our wonderful world....and our kitchens :)  Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado, Honey, Egg Whites… Read More
Curl Defining Products
2011-10-14 13:01
I've definitely tried my share of curl defining products, and I'm still trying. I like experimenting to see if one product really is better than another. For those of you who have class… Read More
2011-10-14 12:58
So I've been trying some new products lately on my curly tresses (I;m not wearing my hair straight this week) And over the past week I've developed this amazing, but expensive routine for my… Read More
2011-10-14 12:51
So, I'm sure many of you have heard of this new Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout fad that is going's supposed to straighten your hair without the harsh chemica… Read More
2011-07-25 22:50
The key to maximizing your curly experience is, first and foremost, to understand your curls! How on earth can you expect to work with them if you don't know anything about them?!#1 = Curly… Read More
2011-07-24 21:45
Today is an Uncle Funky's Daughter day! Wohoo! One of my favorite curl enhancing products. I use their Curly Magic product, which I am holding up in the first video below. So let me tell you… Read More
2011-07-23 18:12
So I've been reading other blogs and websites and have recently learned about this co-washing thing. Ever heard of it? It's for when you wear you hair curly,and instead of washing your hair… Read More
My BEST Investment....
2011-07-22 02:58
A portable, at home hooded dryer ladies. YES! This was one of my best investments.  I own an 1800watt RED by Kiss hooded dryer that i bought for about $50.00 from a beauty supply shop… Read More

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