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2013-10-08 02:55
For those of you who are still following this site, we’ve got a big announcement to make! Read More
2012-09-11 05:32
Some great and exciting things this year for The Lily. - She turned FOUR in July!! FOUR??!!! Where has the time gone?! - She started karate classes. - She started soccer lessons. - She start… Read More
2012-09-11 05:26
I keep forgetting to update this blog about our Lily moments… Lily: “Mom, does my breath smells good? *exhales*” Mommy: “It smells okay, I guess..?” Lily: &ldq&hell…Read More
2012-09-11 05:18
The face Lily gave me is a result of this conversation: Mommy/Daddy: “This is your first day of school! Aren’t you excited??!!” Lily: “But, I already WENT to school… Read More
2011-12-04 05:34
Lily moments must be remembered forever, and recorded, because they are so darn awesome. She is so witty, if I do say so myself. November 21, 2011: Lily: “Mother? Oh, mother?” M… Read More
2011-11-21 17:22
Friday, November 18, 2011: Mommy reaching for some chocolates… Lily: “Mom! You CAN’T have dessert if you haven’t eaten your dinner! See? I ate MMMYY dinner, so now… Read More
2011-11-11 04:38
This is written dedicated to my husband, who turns 40 on November, 11, 2011 (11-11-11). To my sweet husband, this is the way we recognize that you love us… - that whenever you lay a h… Read More
2011-11-05 16:44
During breakfast… Lily: “I’m a good helper, huh?” Mommy: “Yes you are, baby.” Lily: “I’m not a baby! I’m Super Girl Helper Princess Lil… Read More
Lily’s First Day Of School
2011-09-14 03:52
Our Lily started PRESCHOOL today! OH MY WORD, time flies. I cannot express the emotions that were all over the house the past week, and specifically today. There was a lot of bouncing up and… Read More
2011-08-08 03:11
During July, 2011, we went on vacation to Southern California for 2.5 weeks. For the first 6 days, we were at Disneyland. Next 7 days, we stayed at Uncle Larry’s vacation home in Palm… Read More

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