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2011-05-17 10:19
MAIN BLOG: MOVING on LJ: [email protected] have since made the switch over to blogger, which i am sure many of you have noticed due to my lack of posts over… Read More
2011-04-02 09:40
i know it has been a very long time since i have posted in my lj, but i am hoping that this will soon change. i have a blogspot, which i have been using as a much more public blog, so this o… Read More
2011-01-29 19:16
 lately i have been spending a lot of my blogging time over at my blogspot, so i thought that i would keep you all updated with what i have been posting over there lately, since the con… Read More
2011-01-06 16:57
   a n d  l o v i n g  l i f e .FIRST OFF, i really hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and a wonderful new years! i had an amazing time, as i was in… Read More
2010-12-28 06:20
FIRST OFF, i really hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and will have a wonderful new years!  SECONDLY, I AM IN AMERICA! (which explains my completely boring layout in th… Read More
2010-12-18 00:29
 (Firstly, I’ve decided to include music in each of my posts that I feel fit with the images I choose to include in my posts, so please click play, keep reading.) I AM flying to A… Read More
2010-11-27 03:25
 i somehow have the uncanny ability to work really long on an entry, and then press either the back button, or x out of my tab, and erase everything that i have done. this is about the… Read More
017 - Moderate-sized Entry
2010-11-04 21:07
 another bad weather day in berlin. although, the temperature has warmed up, and i have to say, the dreary weather and lack of sunlight on some days is not nearly as devastating as it w… Read More
2010-10-21 19:23
 it has been a few good weeks since i have last posted. i have been really busy with work, friends, marcus, and getting my flat more in order. in addition, for whatever reason, i kept g… Read More

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