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2016-07-17 10:06
Hard learned/earned truths of life:1. Your ex (fml I still can't believe this is what he is) doesn't get any less good looking just cos he dumped you.2. You ex will continue to laugh and smi… Read More
2016-06-14 16:27
Always get home when my parents are about to fall asleep so I'll pop my head in to say goodnight and they'll mumble something incoherent in return.Tonight I said "gnight guys" and my mom pro… Read More
2016-04-18 14:56
Lurking at the corner of every thought, lingering on the cusp of every breath - I hold (still) You still (can't) You let (go) I hold (on) The rain is falling relentl… Read More
2016-02-15 02:36
Dear Caleb, what a harrowing two months it's been since we reverted to being strangers to each other again. I've tried and done my best to put up the bravest front possible - smiling, laughi… Read More
2016-01-25 09:10
This silence.So oddly therapeutic.This distance.Gives me such an overwhelming feeling of safety.It is the warmth I experience curling up tight in my blanket after a long day.It is the last s… Read More
2016-01-24 15:32
Yes indeed. Wtf am I doing with my life. I KNOW thatI shouldn't let what went down in December make my life spiral out of control. I shouldn't let things that don't matter gna… Read More
2015-12-22 12:34
this is how it feels like to have someone tell you they don't love you anymore - like shit.this is how it feels like to have someone tell you they've been lying to you for awhile about how t… Read More
2015-12-10 15:54
Yeah I've reached a stage where I'm just totally ungrateful for what I got. I just keep feeling like I got the short end of the stick like you know, other people try so much harder but you d… Read More

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