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2016-10-08 21:43
Today was my third shot. I still couldn’t do it myself. If this ain’t love, I don’t know what is! That’s my thigh in case that’s not obvious. I could watch this… Read More
2016-09-26 14:00
So, it was fitting that two years ago I changed the name of this blog to add “…or does she?”  Sorry for the time between posts too – life has gotten hectic for… Read More
Super Powers
2016-07-28 15:16
Long time no write. And it’s not for lack of things to say but rather, for lack of solutions. I was in the hospital for 10 days over 3 weeks of time between May and June for GI issues… Read More
2016-02-12 20:41
It’s been a while.  Mostly because there’s no *real* news I deem worthy enough to share.  But, in light of what happened to me this week, I figured I’d share. My… Read More
2015-12-22 15:02
Went back to the pain management doctor and all is well there.  So yay! for not having to pee in a cup yesterday. The ophthalmologist though, was another story. I can’t try taking… Read More
2015-12-14 15:21
Another month+ has flown by and I haven’t updated because, I kind of quit doctors again.  I tried a new rheumatologist who wanted me to re-do EVERYTHING and I am not going through… Read More
2015-10-26 12:40
Has it been a month already since my last update?  Wow.  Ok…. NIH could not help me.  My case is so rare that there are no clinical trials for panuveitis to put me in… Read More
2015-09-24 14:56
In the grand scheme of things, an ophthalmology appointment should rank highest among doctors one wants to visit.  Dentists and GYN’s for example, probably rank really low.  … Read More
2015-09-23 12:24
Hi. Yes, I am alive.  But not doing super well.  Sorry for not updating.  However, I’ve got a good excuse! I was supposed to see an NIH doctor at the end of June. It was… Read More
2015-06-10 17:25
Last week, through work, I was able to attend a Congressional briefing on uveitis.  This is the disease (I had panuveitis) that lead to the diagnosis of sarcoid for me.  Or did it?… Read More

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Jenn has Sarcoidosis...or does she? | just trying to figure it all out!


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