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Boo! A Madea Halloween: A Review
2016-10-27 19:24
 BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEENHaving already tackled Christmas, our most famous African-American female (after First Lady Michelle Obama) has tackled the spooky holiday of Halloween.  As… Read More
Batman (1989): A Review
2016-10-23 01:46
BATMANBatman came about at a most curious time.  If people thought of Batman at all, it was that of a campy television show, one that had made the Dark Knight into a figure of fun (the… Read More
Batman (1966): A Review
2016-10-23 01:45
BATMAN (1966)Batman has come a long way in these 75+ years.  Millennials know him as this dark, tormented figure, a man in eternal angst over his life and the misery of his Gotham City… Read More
Hell Or High Water: A Review
2016-10-18 03:15
HELL OR HIGH WATERHell or High Water brings to mind many other films, particularly No Country For Old Men.  It covers similar territory both geographically (both take place in West Texa… Read More
Gotham: Burn The Witch Review
2016-10-17 02:07
GOTHAM: BURN THE WITCHConfound this awful election where we have to pick two lousy candidates.  Thanks to the first Presidential debate between Deplorable Donald and Corrupt Hillary, a… Read More
The Casual Vacancy: A Review
2016-10-16 05:33
THE CASUAL VACANCYPresident Hillary Clinton referred to her opponent's base as "a basket of deplorables".  This seems an apt a description of all the characters in J.K. Rowling's f… Read More
Star Trek Beyond: A Review
2016-10-14 01:41
STAR TREK BEYONDCan something exceed expectations and still be mediocre? Star Trek Beyond manages some positives.  It's better than Star Trek Into Darkness.  Apart from t… Read More
The Power Of Oscar Compels You
2016-10-03 01:45
John Houseman:Best Supporting Actor forThe Paper ChaseTUESDAYS WITH OSCAR: 1973The 46th Academy Awards had some of the most memorable winners, and one jaw-dropping moment that the cameras di… Read More
PT-109: A Review
2016-10-03 01:24
PT-109PT-109 is a rare biopic in that its subject matter was still alive to see it.  In fact, in the annals of Presidential biopics, PT-109 is, if memory serves correct, one of only thr… Read More
Gotham: Better To Reign In Hell Review
2016-09-28 03:47
GOTHAM: BETTER TO REIGN IN HELL...We go into Season Three of the Batman prequel Gotham with an episode that gave us a lot, set up stories for the season, and pretty much left it at that.&nbs&hell…Read More

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