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2009-10-16 16:32
I recently took up a job at a local fresh produce store called Scutti. Fruit and Veg isn't just a job, it's a passion, it's my life. But lately, my colleagues and employers have almost succe… Read More
Da Streetz
2009-10-16 16:03
Gang warfare has plagued Perth City for countless decades. Ever since i remember, my mother has told me to "Be home before dark" or "Don't walk the streets alone". Being a naive and curious… Read More
R.I.P Uncle Flava.
2009-08-12 13:21
My great uncle died the other day. But when he died hidden truths were revealed. Turns out this guy was a total pimp. After the funeral mum came home and told me stories about him that i wis… Read More
Renaissance Art
2009-07-22 16:25
I've been in Europe almost 3 weeks now and i can definately tell you what has been the highlight of my trip. The Louvre. Not only is the quality of this particular artwork notable but the s… Read More
2009-07-15 18:37
Lately i've noticed an increase in the amount of those atrocious surveys posted as bulletins on Myspace. For those of you who made a significant life choice for the better, and deleted your… Read More
Boosh Bash
2009-06-29 17:37
A few nights ago, Whiteman, Tithe and I attended a Mighty Boosh themed party. I really can't be fucked writing about it at the moment so here are some photographs of the night's festivities Read More
Muesli & Creeps
2009-06-22 13:49
I just ate the biggest bowl of muesli i've ever consumed in my life. It was so good. Not only did it contain a vast variety of grains including sunflower seeds, almonds and pepitas but it al… Read More
Weekendly Recapitulation
2009-06-22 13:41
With Friday night's commencement, i found myself being whisked away to some classy venue to attend an art exhibition of Georgia's father's work. I rocked up (on time), only to find myself un… Read More

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