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I'm playing through the Nintendo-licensed NES games, in alphabetical order, and producing strange memories, philosophies, and understandings from them.
Of Illusions (Wario's Woods)
2016-05-23 06:26
And then, in December of 1994, it ended. The writing had been on the wall for a while - the last releases had been all the way back in August (Disney’s The Jungle Book, The Flintstones… Read More
Coming Soon: The Super Nintendo Project
2015-03-16 18:12
Hello all five of you who still inexplicably read this. :)Just wanted to give you a heads up that in five weeks time, on April 20th, I will be kicking off The Super Nintendo Project, a close… Read More
Minus World
2013-12-19 01:01
Since this blog is pretty much officially a relic, stuck as it is in a sort of unending Minus World, I figured I'd waste some time with a postmortem of and introduction to it.In the summer o… Read More
2012-01-02 15:17
Happy New Year, everyone. No, we're not back, and the odds of coming back in the short or medium term are low.So in an non-sequitur, I watched the first episode of Steven Moffat and Mark Gat… Read More
2011-06-16 10:08
I've mulled this for a bit, and imagined various degrees of apologia in how to present it before ultimately deciding against the absurd narcissism of thinking it matters.The long and short i… Read More
The Widening (Gyruss)
2011-06-09 14:20
I've been down on video games lately. Admittedly, I've been down on life lately. But I'd be lying if I said I enjoy this blog as much as I used to. Much of this may be down to the fact… Read More
Indentured Servants In Disguise (Gyromite)
2011-06-07 13:08
The Other Nintendo Generation always seemed cooler. Long after reason had concluded it couldn't possibly be as cool as I thought, it still seemed cooler. How could it not? It had a robot.The… Read More
Welcome To Warp Zone (Gun Nac, Gun Smoke)
2011-06-02 14:01
Gun Nac is one of those games of glorious weirdness. The sort that just sail gamely past "sense" into that bizarre twilight realm of juxtaposition and absurdity. On the one hand, it is a bog… Read More

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