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2011-01-06 02:07
Omg I thought I would never finish. I forgot how time consuming and awful it is scanning these things X_X The S Cawaii eye makeup book has a few pages that are  awful but no matter how… Read More
2010-09-23 23:51
I got back from my trip to China Sunday morning, but i haven't been feeling well so I've spent the past few days in between sleeping and playing Halo: Reach. ^_^  I thought i should upd… Read More
2010-08-19 03:45
I’ll be taking a one month hiatus starting on Saturday. I’m going to China to visit my sister and take a break before I start acting like a grown-up (lol). So while I’m the… Read More
2010-08-19 03:41
This will be the last magazine batch I'll be uploading until next month. Sweet 10-09  Glamorous 10-09  Coming soon.Please Comment If You Take Read More
2010-08-08 04:50
Just very basic wallpapers feel free to do anything you want to them  4 sizes: 800x600 : 1024x768 : 1280x800 : 1280x1024800x600 1024x768 1280x800800x600 1024x768 128… Read More
2010-08-08 01:47
Ahh these have been out for soo long on Hudie but my account is still disabled (I'm still awaiting a response from the Mods about this) but i found them on Vimee! Popteen 10-09 Happie Nuts… Read More
2010-08-05 06:09
 So last night i went to check for magazine updates and i got this warning message:Sorry, your IP address is not within the allowed range, or your account is disabled, unable to access… Read More

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