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2016-10-23 22:25
From all indications, it was a huge success! Only one complaint about low sales, and one who found it too hard to travel. We had one of our members volunteer in the kitchen - which was avail… Read More
2016-10-17 20:43
Tomorrow, we are being interviewed by the local newspaper in relation to our miniature and doll show, which is happening this Saturday, Oct. 22. It has been busy getting ready for it, every… Read More
The Book Vignette Lit Up
2016-10-11 18:40
The above photo is of the CMHH '15 books vignette lit up; the street lamp is also lit up, but because it is broad daylight, it doesn't show. At the moment, there is a small bookshelf outside… Read More
Finally, Life Is Slightly Back To Normal
2016-10-08 14:55
I did not get around to posting the gifties and tidbits from Camp MiniHaHa because two members of my family were hit by the flu after I got home. However, I have pretty much tidied things up… Read More
Camp MiniHaHa 2016 Project
2016-09-28 16:39
I arrived home yesterday around dinner time, having driven all alone for 7 hours on about 4 hours of sleep; not to be recommended! To stay awake, I alternated travelling on country roads wit… Read More
Working On A Street Lamp
2016-09-14 18:12
I've been working on designing a street lamp for my book vignette from Camp MiniHaHa '15 for the last couple of days. It's been a lot of experimenting and fitting, redesigning and refitting… Read More
Fall Leisure Expo Display
2016-09-11 16:51
We got to the venue an hour and half before the doors opened to the public, so we were able to set up at our leisure. The building was very hot and humid, but once we were able to prop open… Read More
Well, Three New People Are Done
2016-09-09 22:57
The dress for my Tudor Merchant lady worked by backing the fabric with iron-on interfacing and then gluing the tiny top and bottom seams, but it took more time than planned. She is ready to… Read More
Progress On Market Hall People
2016-09-08 23:14
Well, I had hoped for more progress, but we are getting there; from left to right, a Tudor Merchant's wife, she is in underwear, socks, and the modesty piece of her dress. Her dress has some… Read More
One And A Half Dressed Ladies
2016-09-07 23:27
They've been sitting in this box for quite a long time, waiting for me to dress and wig them. So long, in fact, that the elastic bands holding their labels in place rotted. I thought it was… Read More

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