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16 – What You Like Least In Your Art
2016-10-10 13:24
Zack and Jerzy arrive at Tax Jail to find Ben in a half-starved and delerious state. Our heroes try to lift their friend’s spirits by reminding him of a conversation they had abou… Read More
Mini-Adventure 04 – Lucy On The Line
2016-09-06 16:49
Alone on the ship, Lucy attempts to counsel Tommy on, as he puts it, “matters of the heart.” But things quickly get out of hand when she discovers that she’s not alone afte… Read More
15 – Business Is Business, Pt. 2
2016-08-15 13:00
Our heroes continue their struggle with their insurance paperwork, only to suffer another accident when the Crow Quill collides with the ship of Bold Space Adventurer and Sensitive Arti… Read More
Cast Your Vote For The 2016 KCR! Awards!
2016-06-10 05:42
The Kids’ Comics Revolution podcast is pleased to announce the nominees for the fourth annual KCR! Awards, and we’re asking kids everywhere to vote for the winners! KCR! hos… Read More
14 – Business Is Business, Pt. 1
2016-05-16 13:00
After Ben & James the Fingerbone crash the ship they are visited by the Tax Crow for a review of the crew’s insurance policy. The guys take the opportunity to sit down for a conver… Read More
GoSA 13 – Comics In Libraries
2016-04-25 13:00
The crew are visited by Space Librarian Matthew Winner, whose space bookmobile has broken down. While he waits for Octuple A to arrive, they all sit down to talk about the role comics play i… Read More
GoSA 12 – Superheroes
2016-04-11 13:00
Ben has returned from his writing retreat with Rankin, and the three captains of the Crow Quill are reunited to talk about what they love about superhero stories and how they knit aspects of… Read More
GoSA 11 – Today We Learned…
2016-03-28 13:00
Zack and Jerzy discover that Ben is off on a writing retreat with Rankin the Space Elf, so they decide to ruminate about one of their favorite topics, kids’ cartoons. Later on they&rsq&hell…Read More
GoSA 10 – Fear, Pt. 2: Fear Itself!
2016-03-14 13:00
When we last saw Zack, Ben, Lucy, and Jerzy they were dealing with a fear gremlin infestation and found themselves cornered by a Queen Gremlin! Who can save them? Spoiler alert–they en… Read More

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