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2010-01-02 21:37
Ok folks, it is time we as a nation and all others in the world also, start a Credit Card Revolution against the banks and all places that provide Credit Cards. We need to stop using&nb&hell…Read More
2009-12-18 03:13
Maybe it is just that I am getting older and don’t hear as well as I used to, but how can anyone hear what is being sung by the singers today when the music is louder than the song bei… Read More
2009-12-18 03:01
Ok who really cares just how many women Tiger is getting? What does it have to do with how good a golfer he is? His golf is important, his love life is not. Get your noses out of his busines… Read More
2009-12-17 20:28
Why is it that the banks today are trying to screw the people who make the happen? I tried to refinance my single wide mobile home this year and was about to get it closed when all of a… Read More
2009-10-24 00:14
Well I just closed out a department store credit card a few moments ago and will close another one  very soon. When asked why I wanted to close my account I said because you want 2… Read More
2009-08-29 18:08
Have always wondered just which idiot put the high beams switch on the steering column. I spent many years driving on narrow mountain roads wishing I still had the old foot button on the flo… Read More
2009-08-23 21:44
Seems like an other way to get more people deeper into debt to me. Sure I would like to get  more money for my clunker than it is worth, but I do not need the debt of a new car nor the… Read More
2009-08-21 02:50
Got all of 8 views on my post about Salmon fishing and gold dredging. Not one comment. Does no one care about freedom any more? Or is it a freedom that none of you who are in here care… Read More
2009-08-19 23:32
Well Well, Looking here people. The Governor of Calif. has stopped dredging in Calif to help protect the Salmon fish. But there is an add I saw today where Del Norte County is allowing Salmo… Read More
2009-08-14 18:39
Money, a man made concept. Worth given to something that is not even real. Once upon a time at least it was made of gold and silver, some stuff that is somewhat rare, but still made into a r… Read More

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