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2010-08-21 23:10
This is an awesome book. The "laws" aregreat habits to adopt. Also, the littleparables in red make good conversation.The 48 Rules of Power#4 - Always say less than necessary.The more you say… Read More
2010-08-13 00:52
gathering up her soft heartshe bade farewell to the holy idealsbitten deep into her lost youthNadege8.12 Read More
2010-08-08 01:08 most excellent cutting-edge blog Read More
2010-07-30 04:39
you are so beautiful, and so long coming undressedatthe edgeof my heartapast loverlingers, lilac scentedbreathskinshimmeringmoist in night's gown, patient for herunveilingbeneaththe moon's… Read More
2010-07-19 16:22
Please the One who loves youReflect on things that are goodAllow yourself to walk in faithYield to that sudden joyfulnessExcel using your talent withinRestore a broken heart when you canNade… Read More
2010-06-21 22:51
fear of loverises with the full moon tidewashes over her starved fleshif only she would open her heartas easily as she opens her bodystand blindfolded and believingfalling in a moment's leng… Read More
2010-06-01 01:08
~ read me here:[march 30, najah parker]& why not submit one of your own? Read More
2010-04-26 11:01
in the deepest sea blue nightyou will drown in my mouthmy lips therein the white morning thevoice of my breath calls youtrembling all you arethe clouds will chain you to mehelpless and in lo… Read More
2010-04-20 23:06
"a love like ours will never die,as long as I have you near me..."~tonight she danceswith her shadowdeep amber drinkhalf gone, my facade slips asher lipstick forms aruby wet heartat the thic… Read More

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