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There Once Was An Ugly Ducky...
2016-10-23 14:58
This is Ducky. She has featured on this blog before - as a background character, if you like. As you can probably see, she didn't start out in life as the cutest lamb there ever was. She was… Read More
Hey, Everybody, It's Bob!
2016-10-23 14:57
Welcome to part two of my "Going Soft Saga" (the first being Ducky). I suppose being unable to save Nobby has left me on a mission to save as many lambs as possible. The latest save is young… Read More
Early Risers
2016-10-18 19:14
One Sunday morning I accomplished something that was nigh on impossible - I rose from my warm, comfy bed before 7AM. The reason? I was hoping for a frost (didn't really get one) and a clear… Read More
The Perfect Evening
2016-10-16 17:44
There are times when I walk out with my camera and return frustrated because I think I haven't gotten any good shots at all (when I check later I can usually find two or three that are salva… Read More
One Foggy Morning
2016-10-14 18:49
I love foggy mornings. I love them. I wish they would last all day so I could have a chance to enjoy them properly. Until that happens, however, I just have to make do with dashing outside w… Read More
Black & White Sunday #30 ::: Up There
2016-10-09 16:08
Margo and the other lambs are used to Pip's little eccentricities.  When I'm in the field with the pet lambs Pip can be found here on her wall, keeping an eye on things… Read More
Little Prince
2016-10-05 15:32
Meet Prince. He's the Mini Shetland stallion that lives just over a big stone wall from our farm. I call him Blue Belle's boyfriend because of this. He has wonderfully e… Read More
Last Light At Dairylough
2016-10-02 17:37
I hadn't been to see the local Clydesdales for some time, so I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to visit yesterday evening. I photographed Colleen first. She was busy with her eating… Read More

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