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She Ships Sheep Stash By The Score
2015-11-27 17:57
We took a brief break to take the little ones to NYC to see the parade live and in-person but we’re back now and packages are flying out the door! If you haven’t ordered your She… Read More
More Fun With Sheep Stash
2015-11-12 16:15
Today’s project is easy peasy! I painted these Sheep Stash pals with two coats of chalkboard paint (available in the craft paint section at Michael’s) and then glue a magnet to… Read More
Sheep Stash- Part Two
2015-11-09 18:21
As promised, I’m back today with some cool ideas for things to do with our Sheep Stash sheep and alpacas besides decorating your Christmas tree. This weekend was super fun for me becau… Read More
DIY Sheep, Revised
2015-10-28 23:13
A couple of years ago, I did a blog post about some really cool DIY sheep ornaments I made for my Christmas tree.  I cut realistic sheep shapes out of wood and wrapped them in scrap ya… Read More
Garlic Soup For A Vampire-Free Halloween
2015-10-24 00:05
Everyone in my house is sick with a nasty cold. Mike is miserable. Scout is miserable-r. And I may be the miserable-ist, although exactly who is the sickest is always a hotly debated topic a… Read More
The Essence Of Autumn
2015-09-25 02:56
Although it’s hard to tell here in Virginia, Autumn has officially arrived! In an effort to jump start my favorite season, I decide to bake something pumpkiny a few days ago. My first… Read More
Summer’s Sunday
2015-08-14 23:49
I’ve been seeing a meme on both Facebook and Pinerest lately about how August is summer’s Sunday, and I quite like it.  It’s appropriate this year, given the changes I… Read More
Where Have Three Months Gone?
2015-07-28 19:20
Scout and I have been having a fantastic time getting to know each other.  He is– bar none– the happiest baby I have ever encountered.  From the moment he wakes up unti… Read More

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