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2014-02-09 20:36
Inactivity.. *tisk tisk*It would seem that the trip to my future city has been delayed until the summer. In it's place, you might ask?: a trip home, Riverside. Not so sure if I'd like to go… Read More
2014-02-09 20:29
I was watching Metropolitan on Netflix yesterday and I realized exactly what kind of friends I truly crave for -- the snobby rich types. I would kill to be one of them, the intellectual… Read More
Home... Hopefully.
2013-06-28 05:17
For a long while I've had this vision of what my loft / flat / apartment will look like when I'm of age to have one for my own. I always envision myself in a modern, minimalist, industr… Read More
2013-06-28 05:17
Recently, I found a sort of personal blog by someone I followed on tumblr. It was a blogger blog with things like the makeup and skin stuff  that she used, photos of places and things a… Read More
2013-05-09 02:14
I feel as if my blogs are getting in the way of my blogging.With all of the different blogs that I claim, it's sometimes very difficult to determine which I should post to. Over the years I… Read More
2013-04-26 02:25
Although, this week has been very stressful (at least more stress than I'm used to), a new life has been provided. A new routine. I feel that this summer will actually result in a more socia… Read More
2013-04-26 02:25
In English, we are starting research for a paper on a controversial topic of our choosing. Topics such as abortion, religion, and adoption are not allowed. I have a few topics that I am a bi… Read More

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