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Lentil And Spinach En Croute
2010-06-08 11:12
I must have lost the plot somehere along the way.Over the past few days things got a bit disorganised for me. Got a big assignment due, then got the house repainted, then final exams, then l… Read More
Tasting Australia
2010-05-06 06:39
You know what was on last week in Adelaide? No, not the Spandau Ballet concert, silly, that was  20 years ago, 2 weeks ago. It was the biennial food, wine and beverage festival - Tastin… Read More
A Quick Update
2010-04-13 06:54
Did I really let the week past by without posting anything? tsk. tsk. tsk. In my defense, I was not slacking off completely. As you can see from the sidebar, my foodie world is expanding! In… Read More
Leche Flan
2010-04-06 08:15
I plan to post this last week but i thought it would not be right posting something so "sinful" during Holy Week. Okay, okay, I'm fibbing. The real reason why I was not able to post anything… Read More
Greek Prawn And Fetta Bake
2010-04-01 05:30
We have been on a Mediterranean mode last week. I made arancini , we had a Mediterranean BBQ lunch which I wrote about in my last post and I made this prawn and fetta bake. Because what woul… Read More
Beautiful Sunday
2010-03-28 22:43
This is not a post for a recipe. So if you are expecting one, I do not mind if you stop reading now. But I would be delighted if you stay and read a while. Who knows you might get some idea… Read More
Honeys Joys
2010-03-23 04:03
In my last post, I said in one of my comments that I made arancini last Sunday and forgot to take photos! Oooppss. Slacker! So I have no choice but to post another sweet thing. But this is r… Read More
Baked Eggplant
2010-03-18 23:21
A couple of weeks ago I googled for vegetarian recipes. And there are millions of them! When I was a kid I thought all vegetarians eat are boring salads or, at best, stir-fries. Boy, was I w… Read More

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