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Big Feelings
2016-07-06 05:26
It was the night before Everett’s eighth birthday and everyone was excited for the festivities to come.  I was sitting at the table with all my kids and took a breath for my "Prep… Read More
In Process
2016-01-26 18:57
It could be said that I’ve been busy this winter.  My house is full of fantastic distractions, activity, and conversation.  There are currently seven of us.   We're jug… Read More
An Adoption Legacy...Part 3
2015-11-20 04:55
​After Rits and Pearl returned to the United States their lives filled with more children, more ministry, and a constant stream of people in and out of their home to care for.  Th… Read More
An Adoption Legacy...Part 2
2015-11-18 06:24
Having Moses as part of the Tadema family hit an unforeseen glitch early on.  ​Moses was from the Ion tribe and Rits and Pearl were living with the Tiv tribe.  The Tiv and I… Read More
An Adoption Legacy...Part 1
2015-11-16 22:31
November is a month used to highlight adoption–the need, the stories, the celebration.  I'm often asked where my passion for adoption, fostering, and helping kids in trauma stems… Read More
Orphan Sunday (a Day Late)
2015-11-10 04:25
​We were discussing James 1:27, “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the worl… Read More
That's A...Crazy Story
2015-11-05 00:21
​I had just pulled Haley Kate out of the bath and perched her on the counter while I brushed her thick dark hair.  She was the inquisitive age of three.  She was chatting up… Read More
Confessions Of A Repenter
2015-10-02 22:07
It’s not that I was bad about saying, “I’m sorry”.  It’s simply that I worked hard to never have a reason to say it.  I made the “right”… Read More

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