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Out Of Order
2010-06-27 19:54
As you may have noticed, with so many different things I have going on, I don't really update this blog much anymore. I really need to remake my entire site. But anyway, if you want to stay… Read More
2010-05-19 07:11
A few weeks ago I did another interview with Ed over at Buoloco about how the shift in focus from print to web is affecting people. This was a 3 part interview and in this first chapter I… Read More
LA Night: Corey Smith
2010-05-17 07:04
A few weeks ago I made a stop at Corey Smith's house up in LA. His living room is a photographer's dream come true, a built in seamless. So we spent the night messing around shooting photos… Read More
How To: Origami Hat
2010-05-10 15:47
When I was up in Portland not too long ago I swung through a Japanese Garden. It happened to be "kids day" or something like that there, and one of the activities was to make an origami hat… Read More
CityLife: Interview
2010-04-30 22:58
Canada based fashion/lifestyle blog cityLife recently asked me to do a quick interview with them for their site. They asked me about things like Crocs... projects I'm currently working on… Read More
Photo Shoot: Col D’ Lizard
2010-04-19 20:51
So my mom has this company, Col d' Lizard (pronounced in some fancy French way... but I just call it Cold Lizard). It's an outdoor apparel company...things for biking, hiking, and all that o… Read More
You Have Got To Be Kidding: Bikini Jeans
2010-04-19 20:47
Tired of trying to find the pant with the perfect sag so you can show off your g-string and lower back tattoo?! Well the search is OVER! The high class folks over at Sanna's Brazil Fashion… Read More
Utah Mission
2010-04-09 15:20
Mikey and Andy....happy to be riding powder.Some of the worst choices I've made in life have been impulsive...ordering a philly cheese steak sandwich at a sushi joint, dying my hair pink bef… Read More
Drive To Mammoth
2010-04-08 19:11
A week or two ago I made my way up through the hills, deserts, and mountains to catch the Roxy Chicken Jam and Quiksilver Cluck off up in Mammoth. Everyone I talked to said the six hour driv… Read More
Decent Exposure: AARON BLATT
2010-04-05 19:28
The latest installment of my photographer interview series, Decent Exposure, was with up-and-comer Aaron Blatt. Check out what Blatt has to say on my Rad Collector column.If you missed the p… Read More

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