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2010-09-18 09:54
Nothing more happens. And more of nothing happens Read More
2010-09-16 22:24
Got my tooth out the other day so not eating is insanly easy atm. Today-RaspberriesYogurtCerealTotal - 280 not to shabby, not to shabby at all.Hey just a thought- i know were all like ooh it… Read More
2010-08-09 16:49
Ok so saturday i was at my boyfriends house and his dad had made this homemade curry and i felt like i was offending him by not eating it so i went 'unvegan' this weekend well saturday and s… Read More
2010-08-06 19:21
Yesturday and today Yesturday- 150 calsToday - 500 :( Read More
2010-08-04 21:41
whats crackalackin bitches! sorry ive been so shit with replying to comments but im back in the blogging world again woo!anyway during summer im working full time so not eating is easy and i… Read More
2010-06-16 00:15
Fast- No food, just water tea gum and coffee with soy milk about 14 cals at most :) 4 lbs lost so far Read More
2010-06-14 20:31
200 calorie day-Tomato-18Yogurt-97Egg yolk- 551/2 Egg yolk- 28Calories-196Carbs-12.6gramsSugar-2.6gramsFat-7.0gramsSalt-1.8grams :D Read More
2010-04-11 10:40
Apple diet! Apparently you eat 3 apples a day for three days and loose a whole shit load of weight and you can drink apple juice (the sugar from it gives you energy) Apparently apples have s… Read More
2010-03-30 14:53
and by normal i mean you know, insane by everyone elses standards. anyway today ive hadddteacigarettestoastapple (later) strawberries total- 300 im pretty happy with it i could have had 500… Read More

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