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An ongoing day by day diary of whatever happened to capture my attention when it came time to post
2011-07-06 03:11
Teeki Swimwear - Summer '11In some ways this image/post could be linked back to my post of the sexual child look frequently used by hollywood, but in reality this image has taken that idea a… Read More
The Sexy Child
2011-07-04 12:18
One of the things that's cropped up in both the old movies we've watched and the readings we've done is the concept of the woman as both naively childlike and overtly sexual.Particular examp… Read More
Beautiful Clothes, Huge Age Difference
2011-06-30 11:43
In class today we watched Sabrina, and while the Givenchy clothing Audrey Hepburn wears as the title character are absolutely beautiful, what really caught my attention was the incredibly ag… Read More
2011-06-28 07:43
Working on my fashion film with two architecture students is opening my ideas to the huge differences in the style of design thinking that encouraged by the different faculties.In the contex… Read More
Diamond Lovers And Further Essay Thoughts
2011-06-22 12:29
We briefly discusses our essay topics in our tutorial today and I believe I have decided on my Nana idea. I'll have to trawl the library to try and find some books to help me with it. I do f… Read More
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
2011-06-22 11:56
Today's film was Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, a rule to live by my grandmother Anabelle began teaching me from before I can remember.Particularily interesting about this film is the contrast be… Read More
Star Trek Celebrities
2011-01-19 10:48
Came home from work to my roommate watching Star Trek: Next Generation. So I end up watching as well, while pestering with questions about what on earth is going on. As part of the plot thes… Read More
2011-01-13 10:20
So since my last post 7ish months ago I have moved out into my own apartment!! Well it's really only half mine, since I'm sharing with my darling friend and fellow costume party devotee Hami… Read More
Sid And Nancy
2010-04-26 11:30
Is it pushing the 80s theme too much to be going to a themed party as Sid and Nancy a couple from the 70s because there was a famous movie made about them in the 80s? That totally makes them… Read More

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