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To raising Autism awareness and Acceptance, and battling negative stereotypes about Autism. To advocate for the inclusion of Autistic people in the community. To offer a forum to broadcast our stories and thoughts, and to help the messages of Autistic people and non-Austistic allies reach as many people as possible.
2015-11-02 04:34
Autistic Vegan "Silenced" from Thoughts From An Autistic VeganOver the last month, for a variety of reasons,  I feel like I have been effectively silenced. Today is Autistics Speaking D… Read More
2015-11-02 04:08
The Autistic Family Collective submits "Q & A Session: November"This is a summary of a Q & A session we held last night as a group. The questions were asked by group members who… Read More
2015-11-02 03:56
Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone "Autistics Speaking Day 2015: Appliances Talk"on Cracked Mirror in ShalottI don’t have any great topic to talk about that I’m up for assembling today… Read More
2015-11-02 03:06
Nat / @quarridors posts "Podcasting From Autistic Space" on Graphic ExplanationsBy coincidence, I reached the ‘In Autistic Space’ chapter of Steve Silberman’s New York… Read More
Cages And Sanctuaries
2015-11-02 01:17
Catsidhe posts "Cages and Sanctuaries" on LiveJournal Content Warning for discussion of isolation and restraints. What is the difference between a cage and a sanctuary?There have been a coup… Read More
2015-11-02 01:11
Nightengale "Autistic ear, autistic voice" from LiveJournalAs a (still) mostly closeted autistic, I didn’t participate in Autistic Speaking Day last year. The year before, I had w… Read More

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