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2016-10-26 15:54
I’ve been thinking about the phrase “x should know that s”. (There is probably a literature on this, but blogging just wouldn’t be as much fun if one had to look up t… Read More
2016-10-24 22:03
Suppose: Alice sacrifices her life to protect her innocent comrades. Bob decides that if he ever has the opportunity to sacrifice his life to protect his innocent comrades, he’ll do it… Read More
2016-10-20 20:17
Consider these sentences: Intending to kill the wolverine, Alice pulled the trigger and:Intending to get to the mall, Bob started his car. If Alice pulls the trigger intending to kill the w… Read More
2016-10-18 19:07
This morning, I set out to walk to the Philosophy Department. If asked my intention, I might have said that it was to reach the Department. And in actual fact I did reach it. Suppose, howeve… Read More
2016-10-13 16:18
I've been thinking about an argument with this logical form:If suicide is permissible, then slavery is permissible.Slavery is not permissible.So, suicide is not permissible. Of course, the m… Read More
2016-10-12 22:00
Joe thinks chess is an evil game and creates a killer robot tasked with killing the greatest chess player on earth, whoever it might be. The robot succeeds with the task. Joe is clearly a mu… Read More

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