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2016-09-23 06:44
Photo Credit:  Copyright 2016, Election 2016, by DonkeyHotey,   How are they Different in their Leadership? The first Presidential debate is comin… Read More
2016-09-10 00:10
Photo Credit:  Copyright 2016, Super Trumps of the RNC, by DonkeyHotey, Dr. Mardy Grothe tells the story of an exchange between Muhammad Ali and an Ea… Read More
2016-08-29 23:28
Photo Credit:  Copyright 2015, Hillary Clinton – Painting, by DonkeyHotey, They’re calling her “Hidden Hillary.” “Why is… Read More
2016-08-24 00:03
Photo Credit:  Copyright 2015,Donald Trump Caricature by DonkeyHotey, Do we change over time?  Can we change?  Do we even want to?  Does… Read More
2016-08-10 15:07
Photo Credit:  Copyright 2016, DonkeyHotey, Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump Caricatures,   She says that he’s unqualified, unfit, unmoored, un… Read More
2016-08-03 22:24
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both leaders.  They lead differently.  Whether you like them or not, whether you agree or disagree with them, it’s undeniable that both h… Read More

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