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21 | New Yorker | Made in Finland | Coffee & Wine | Sustainability | Art & Design | Fashion | Hockey | Based in Brooklyn | Find out more below...
Doing Nothing Or Doinf It ALL
2016-10-17 17:46
Welcome, Or rather let’s re-start. A lot has happened this past year and I’d like to create a platform where I can share my projects and thoughts. So I’m re-activating this… Read More
2015-11-09 23:49
As you can tell I haven’t written anything in a hot minute…well I figured I’d pick up the habit again, however this time I’ll try to write about things that actually… Read More
2015-06-18 19:39
I was a bit more observant while I made my way to work last night and despite only having my phone on me I thought I’d capture this little clip.  Read More
Art In Society?
2015-06-15 19:33
We could look at art as humans and I suppose to some extent us humans are a form of art ourselves. Coveted art to me might differentiate from what you consider coveted/desired etc. We all li… Read More
Mary Ellen Mark
2015-05-28 22:31
She has been an inspiration of mine for years, when I heard the devastating news that she had past away I felt the need to start photographing again. I’ve had Japan on my mind for a wh… Read More
| Spring Fling | Pastels
2015-04-17 16:31
In a month I’ll be standing with a diploma in one hand and rosé flying in the air (read: I’m getting a college degree and plan on celebrating…) Being that I’m… Read More
Nobody Cares About Your Blog +
2015-04-06 18:56
Hello again readers of my awful blog that I plan on making a series of my work (photography and talking about my semi pointless opinions) mainly because I can. As far as I’m concerned… Read More
2014-01-27 18:11
Made it through my two first classes, art history, which I enjoyed a lot, Professor Rich also seems very nice!My second class was english, which only lasted 30 min. Since I got out early fro… Read More

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