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Kokboksbonanza 2014
2014-12-26 10:29
flickan & kakorna återuppstår ut snödrivor och minusgrader som en isfenix. Detta för att fira två saker som ligger mig särdeles varmt om hjärtat, n… Read More
24: Coconut & Happy Xmas!
2013-12-24 07:12
Happy Christmas everyone! Thanks to all who have been following the Cupcake calendar, 2013 edition. I wish you all a lovely holiday! Coconut cupcake (vanilla with coconut essence and coconu… Read More
23: Chocolate & Cherry
2013-12-23 07:30
Merry Little Christmas Eve! Where I’m from today, the day before the big day, is the little day; lilljulafton, or little Christmas Eve. Just one more day now, and it’s obvious t… Read More
22: Ginger & Walnut
2013-12-22 07:23
I’m not sure I have used fresh ginger in baking before (if I have, I have temporarily forgotten). I’ve used other forms, but fresh gives so much more flavour and taste. You have… Read More
21: Speculoos / Cookie Butter
2013-12-21 07:30
I read somewhere someone naming cookie butter the new Nutella. So of course I had to give it a go. All I can say is Nutella Who? What? Cookie butter is SO lush! Don’t try it. You may… Read More
20: Lemon & Poppy Seeds
2013-12-20 07:00
Both bottom and frosting of today’s cupcake have been flavoured with lemon and poppy seeds (although you can hardly tell with the frosting). Lemon is such a lovely flavour to work wit… Read More
19: Glögg & Stars
2013-12-19 07:00
Today’s cupcake is a version of the Advent cupcake with glögg – sweet mulled wine – and with added peacans. It’s topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with ed… Read More
17: Apple & Maple
2013-12-17 07:00
I do love the taste of maple syrup, so here it returns, but this time paired with apple (added to the batter in chunks) rather than fresh figs. Other than that the set up and recipes are th… Read More
16: Candy Cane Latte
2013-12-16 07:00
I adore candy cane. I associate the flavour and colours very much with Christmas, but this year I haven’t been able to find any vegan candy canes sadly. When I had a look on the inter… Read More

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