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New York New York
2015-02-10 22:49
Our recent trip to New York makes me just smile thinking about it. Tried to capture as much of it on film, as well as reminding myself to live in the moment and just take it all in. Been th… Read More
Glorious Apples
2014-08-29 19:45
I have just recently started to appreciate all the fruits we have in our garden. Our apples, are not the sweetest but they’re crisp & full flavoured. They lend themselves really… Read More
Ella’s Frozen Birthday Party
2014-06-15 19:54
Our sweetheart Ella Sophie turned 4 years old today, and we celebrated her special day with friends and family. Her birthday party was a Disney Frozen theme, because it is her fa… Read More
Summer Salads: Strawberries
2014-06-01 21:05
This weekend we had an awesome bbq at Mike & Eva’s. I brought along a salad, inspired by my good friend Cecilia. This salad uses a base of mixed salad greens, topped off with bab… Read More
Creamy Thai Butternut Soup
2014-05-30 06:31
My mom used to make really delicious meals for us with butternut. I really enjoy this root veggie, because of it’s sweet hearty flavour. Was inspired by Eva to recreate this quick an… Read More
Boat Trip
2014-05-29 09:10
We celebrated Even’s birthday out at sea, on the boat. The weather was perfect, and it was great to spend time together watching the beautiful scenery and boats out at sea. Ella So… Read More
Rocky Road Brownies
2014-05-28 14:22
Rocky road is nostalgic to me. Takes me back to my childhood, when we used to go to holidays at the coast and I would always order rocky road ice-cream. I’m not a big dessert pers… Read More
Sunday Scribblings
2014-05-25 07:44
We enjoyed a really good weekend, with Even’s mom visiting us and staying over. Ella Sophie always gets so happy to have her grandmother her visiting, talking about it non-stop the… Read More
Ella’s Banana Muffins
2014-05-21 06:40
My little baker loves getting messy in the kitchen. Baking is one of her favourite things. So, she jumped at the opportunity to make these banana muffins. I really enjoy having her in… Read More
Sweet Days
2014-05-20 20:53
Being able to wake up to the smiling faces of both my girls, fills my heart with such joy. Feel very grateful that I’m the lucky one, that has them to light up my life. Every day… Read More

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