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Adora BatBrat New Blog On Wordpress
2015-08-03 09:17
Don't be too chocked, but I'm actually starting to blog again!This time on Wordpress. Please join me there my dear Goths, alternatives and happy and pretty people in general https://adorabat… Read More
I've Eaten Humans
2014-01-24 09:14
Now you think I'm full of it - but I'm not!I have eaten humans - several times.Boiled, fried and smoked. My favorite is boiled.My grandpa Harry was a hobby fisherman.He told me several times… Read More
2014-01-23 09:06
Well, this is another story that I need to tell...when I've stopped laughing about it.But this is also so annoying - apparently Blogspot/Blogger have decided I put up porn, sexy pictures, nu… Read More
Goth Models Having Fun
2014-01-20 23:01
My pretty friend Cajsa Kurayami and I had our first (but not last) shoot together this weekend.As usual I had trouble to be serious, but Cajsa on the other hand looked like a perfect doll on… Read More
Wearing My Sport Outfit
2014-01-16 23:16
The husband came home at lunch, checked out my outfit and said: "Are you going out sporting?" I showed him the print on my boobs and responded: "Yes, and my sport is boys. I play on elite le… Read More
I: Have Instagram
2014-01-15 00:20
Since I've chosen to live on the dark and mystique side of life, I also tend to be a bit of a reactionary.Just so you'll understand to what extent here's an example:I didn't get a mobile pho… Read More
Todays Make Up Was Not Ment To Be Seen
2014-01-14 07:45
I figured I'd just be home sewing today, and lazy as I was I kind of scaled down the make up.Always a mistake! Soon I got a phonecall from the museum where my clothes been on exhibit asking… Read More
I: Have An Alter Ego
2014-01-11 00:12
This might sound weird, but Adora BatBrat's got an alter ego: the sneaky and afraid Adora Albino.Adora ALBINO style She's got silver hair, white brows and accentuated pink underneath the eye… Read More
I: Used To Look Like Cicciolina
2014-01-08 23:59
From when I was 18, to about 28, I had periods where I liked to look like Cicciolina.Back then (apart from the porn-movie part) she was mostly famous for popping out her boobs every now and… Read More

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