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Permaculture Design Offers A Solution
2016-08-17 17:00
The term, Permaculture, was coined by Bill Mollison, an Australian scientist, research professor, and author, who borrowed the concept from the book title, Tree Crops, a Permanent Agricultur… Read More
Bringing Farming To Life With The FDA
2016-06-01 18:34
Scientists at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have the important job of creating regulations that keep our food safe. Sometimes this means creating computer models to predict possible… Read More
Food Waste And Fun?
2016-05-20 19:01
by Andrea Jones, Director of Programs and Visitor Engagement The issue Each year the average American family of four throws away $2,200 worth of food. Just think of what you could buy with t… Read More
Invasion Of The Tennis Balls
2016-04-20 12:29
April 16, 2016. It was a peaceful morning on the Potomac River. The sun was shining, there was hardly a breeze to ripple the river’s surface, and spring’s warmth was finally beat… Read More
That’s A Wrap! Lattes With Lambs
2016-04-07 14:12
In like a lion and out like a lamb. No, I’m not talking about the month of April, but last Saturday’s annual Lattes with Lambs event at the Foundation. After a blustery week, and… Read More
A Peek Inside The Hen House
2016-03-17 17:26
Among my list of favorite things about working at a farm is that from my office window I get to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the barnyard. This means I get to watch a lot of ex… Read More
Piscataway Voices: A Homecoming Story
2015-11-19 16:10
Piscataway Voices, Part 1 of 3 written by Chris Newman; Choptico Band, Piscataway Conoy; General Manager, Sylvanaqua Farms Chris Newman stewards the land as a Native farmer. Photo by Sy… Read More

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