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this blog will capture the raw emotions i am facing in albania. enjoy. this blog is a personal account of my service as a peace corps volunteer. in no way do the thoughts or opinions expressed on this site reflect the peace corps or the united states government. Ephesians 2.10
2011-02-24 19:28
Referencing Webster's Dictionary when coming to the word Contribution by definition means 'the act of contributing' This is something I think about a lot in my life and whether I do enough… Read More
Old People Home
2011-02-24 19:21
There are certain aromas that are so overwhelming when you leave that place it's as if it has followed you home and you can't wash it off. You can't wash it off of your body or wash it out o… Read More
Dress Your Best
2011-02-24 19:17
When I prepared myself for living abroad as a Peace Corps Volunteer I went through my closet as I was packing my bags trying to take things that would be practical. Thinking ok, I won't be w… Read More
Check Yourself!
2010-10-04 17:54
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I thought I would put together with my counterpart something for the women of Fier. This project was a month in the making and the day before it h… Read More
Time. You Always Want More...
2010-08-18 13:26
this is for you leslie because you gave me the best gift and that was your time. I had my first visitor and let me tell you it was such a treat to have my cousin here with me in Albania. To… Read More
2010-08-04 18:51
Everyday we go out into the world with a certain agenda of ours with the mindset of trying to accomplish a certain task. Sometimes this agenda is for our own personal accounts, sometimes for… Read More

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