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2016-09-22 21:41
In mid-April of 2016, I left my job as a retail salesman at Big Sky Ski Resort in Southwest Montana to move to Moab, Utah for the summer to work as a whitewater raft guide on the Colorado… Read More
2016-09-07 01:31
So I didn’t blog while on the Appalachian Trail. Call me a hipster but everyone does it, and I was sort of sick of blogging and distracted by living in the moment. Every day was so muc… Read More
2016-09-07 01:04
It’s been more than a year since I finished the Florida Trail, and I still dream about it often. The palmettos, the sand pines, air plants, mangroves, palm trees, azaleas, an… Read More
2015-03-07 13:11
Balance is an incredibly vital part of life. From a neuroscience standpoint, balance is controlled by the same part of the brain that performs other basic functions like breathing and regula… Read More
2015-02-26 14:57
It’s been almost a full month since I started hiking northbound from Key West, and I have started to become desensitized by the climate and terrain of Southern Florida in the dry seaso… Read More
2015-02-19 18:10
The most physically exhausting experience I’ve ever had in my life was undoubtedly reaching the summit of Mount Whitney last summer. It was the middle of the night, I had been breaking… Read More
2015-02-11 15:03
The Miccosukee tribe, once part of the Seminole nation, now have a reservation in southern Florida that is encompassed by Everglades National Park. Their roots can be traced back to a tribe… Read More
2015-02-08 01:16
Never get between a hungry hiker and their food, especially after a long day on tough trail and a massive calorie deficiency. Give a hungry hiker some food in the same conditions, and like a… Read More

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