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2010-02-22 05:09
         Found a really cool seiries of photos Click Here for the set, it tells a story! Read More
2010-02-22 04:51
If you enjoy inescapable blistering heat then you would have loved Soundwave. Don't get me wrong, I love summer but when there is little to no shade and 10 of thousands of people there it ju… Read More
2010-02-19 11:45
Yes, it is friday night and I am playing board games and drinking with my family. I just lost at the game I am know to play best, Bluff. I am no good at spelling, but I can sure as hell lead… Read More
2010-02-17 11:31
So I had a sudden urge, as I do sometimes, to dye my hair tonight. Chocolate brown is the chosen colour. I actually haven't have dark hair for a while and will possibly look like a ghost, h… Read More
2010-02-17 07:56
I have recently had a hunger for learning, for wanting to know all this stuff I never knew about, to understand things that I have always struggled to understand or just to learn about stuff… Read More

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