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2016-08-11 16:00
My Uncle Dan arrived this afternoon for two weeks, just on the tail-end of a visit from our geologist friend Greg (for whom we named two of our chickens - we did this just for kicks and to h… Read More
2016-06-09 23:27
Ah, the Annual Post-Seattle-Trip Report, outlining my alienation from all conceivable homelands.Pardon me while I pause to scratch innumerable mosquito bites incurred while watering our fled… Read More
Morfar And Mormor
2015-08-10 18:59
"How are your folks?" is a question I get asked at every happenstance encounter with family friends at Fred Meyer or out and about around town. My reply has barely wavered in twenty years: "… Read More
Embracing Imperfection
2015-02-24 00:14
What's currently making me laugh on this Easter Sunday as the ham bakes, Theo naps, my mom cleans up two months' worth of junk mail from her counters, my dad chuckles a-(be-?)musedly at it a… Read More
2014-11-25 21:27
What started off as a challenge to myself to *not* announce my pregnancy (with twins – bonus shock points!) on social media became a self-imposed exile from any communication on the bl… Read More
2014-09-12 19:22
I'd like to thank the Easter ham. It was delicious on the holiday and days immediately thereafter, and its long-refrigerated remains were perfect to make hot ham water with. But I'd like to… Read More
What I Did Last Summer
2013-01-08 01:00
Oh, 2012, you slippery, quicksilver beast; I barely knew thee.  Something tells me that 2013 will fly by even faster.Here are some out-of-order summer (summer - what's that?) photos I g… Read More
Funnel Cloud
2012-06-05 06:19
I thought I saw a funnel cloud this afternoon.  Of course, we don't actually get tornadoes (yeesh, that "e" in the plural form looks so weird) here in Fairbanks.  But there was a m… Read More
2012-05-17 02:57
Today I planted carrots, kale, arugula, beets and bibb lettuce in my little raised bed (plus a raggedy parsley plant) – a rather ambitious start to my Fairbanks gardening career. … Read More
2012-04-02 05:31
My first and middle right-hand fingers are encased in dried super glue as I type this.  I was attempting to fix the broken-off knob on the Le Creuset butter dish, a casualty of John's o… Read More

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