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2010-06-22 10:56
School is finnaallyyy overr!!!!!!!!!!How 'bout a fresh start?NEW BLOG!!! CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY NEW BLOG!! Read More
Looking To What's Real
2010-05-27 03:23
The song Nolita Fairytale by Vannessa Carlton has been on repeat on my itunes.So finals are arriving... great. But I think I've started to handle it pretty well... you know organizing everyt… Read More
Bottom To Top
2010-05-22 18:51
Quick three pictures of my current easy outfit. It's the weekend!!! Finaly.I think I mentioned a while ago about tryouts for the company at my dance school. Well we find out who made it tomo… Read More
I Thought You Left
2010-05-18 02:35
These are the Zara shorts that I mentioned in the last post. I find them to be perfect because they are high waisted (!!!) and a simple jean. They are quite soft and comfortable too.I just w… Read More
Sand Between Your Toes: Outfits
2010-05-17 03:25
top: F21, shorts: American Apparel, sunglasses: Ray Bansbathing suit: Jcrewshirt dress: Silence and Noise, vest: Levi, biker shorts: DIYdress: Jcrew, cardigan: Jcrew, (worn with Tory Burch s… Read More
2010-05-15 21:16
Hey guys, this is just a tiny update. If you didn't know already, I am in Miami!! I didn't bring my photo connector thing so I cannot upload pictures I have taken on my camera but once I get… Read More
Where Your Heart Is
2010-05-12 20:42
(Thetrashedfashion) 1901-PhoenixLove Like A Sunset Part 1-PhoenixLids-Lotus ChildMarionettes-The ZolasU.R.A Fever-The KillsOh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh-Say HiCosmic Love-Florence+The MachineSound… Read More
2010-05-11 03:53
School needs to go NOW. I am not doing so well, to be honest, because I just don't CARE anymore. I really would not like to be stuck doing all this crap anymore. And all of a sudden the weat… Read More

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