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It’s (was) Canada Day, Eh?
2010-07-03 17:52
It was Canada Day on July first. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know what Canada day is, lol. A bunch of friends and myself spent the whole day downtown and it was so v… Read More
Just Pics :)
2010-06-27 13:42
School is over! Yay! So I’ve gone from being completely busy to having nothing to do and having absolutely nothing to post about. Picture post? … I think so Read More
“get The Damn Dress”
2010-06-23 15:42
Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve been neglecting my blog. It’s just because I’m so busy. School ends this Friday, thank god and tonight is the triplets’ gra… Read More
I Feel As If I Have Power.
2010-06-17 20:23
First period had just ended and Alyssa and I were the last ones left in the class. We started up a conversation with Mrs. Vegga, our english teacher about the movie Get Him To The Greek whe… Read More
A Real Update.
2010-06-13 14:25
Haven’t had a real update in a little bit because I’m still insanely busy. I have a dance competition on the coming Saturday. We had a long, and I mean long rehearsal yesterday… Read More
2010-06-12 02:35
Somehow I clicked on a link that brought me to a video of a dad who was in Iraq for a year, surprising his 9-year-old daughter at school. I literally bawled my eyes out after watching&n&hell…Read More
Some Rude People In This World…
2010-06-10 22:48
Laura and I went to Subway (yum) today and as we got out of the car, we noticed a women on some form of crutches who was struggling to get up the couple of steps. She cou… Read More
2010-06-09 00:29
glee season finale tonight at 9. anyone watching? Read More
Laura Really Did Hit Me!
2010-05-30 19:22
I’ve been noticing that whenever someone leaves a comment on a post of mine, that post will sometimes automatically be erased. It happened with two older posts and the one that&n&helli…Read More

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