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GAL’s Jan 13th $20 Club
2016-01-10 22:16
Hi!  This is a copy of the photo invite that Gail, Angie, and Lindsey recently sent out to family and friends regarding the January 13th, 2016 Powerball drawing.  As entries are re… Read More
2013-01-23 23:07
I want to quit Quit what?  My job.  Yoga.  Weight Watchers.  Housework.  Yes, yes, yes, yes.  I REALLY don’t want to quit but I keep having the thought ru… Read More
2013-01-19 06:38
Week 15 Weigh In Results Down 4.2!  Wahoooo!  I worked really hard this week and was close to pulling a 5… Thursday I skipped yoga and ate pizza, though – I think… Read More
2013-01-15 14:55
The third time IS the charm: I did EVERY pose today. For me, that is HUGE. I’ve done Bikram on and off for 3 years. This is my third time starting over in the hot room. I’ve… Read More
2013-01-14 01:06
Weight Watchers Anyone? I wonder how many blogs have a Weight Watchers (WW) posts in them this January?  I’m so cliché!  Actually, I joined back in September of 2012 … Read More
2012-07-27 22:20
I Succeeded Only to Fail… Once Again… Almost exactly a year ago I set out on the simple journey to Eat Better, Move More.  I didn’t stick to any hard and fast r… Read More
Permission Slip To Myself
2012-01-08 05:13
Permission to ROCK Slip On this day, January 7, 2012, you, Angie, officially have my permission to ROCK the following 30 days of Bikram Yoga. This permission slip includes the following prov… Read More
My Body Doppelganger
2011-09-06 00:21
She’s Been Spotted You know how your mirror and camera don’t agree on how you look (I look soooo much better in the mirror than I do in pictures!)?  Well, it’s pr… Read More
2011-09-02 21:03
I’m Hard-Wired to Self-Sabotage Myself It’s true – I struggle with just enjoying the present moment.  At present I’m feeling strong, healthy, successful, and pro… Read More

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Isla de Angela ~ gaining inner peace, losing extra weight | ~ gaining inner peace, losing extra weight


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