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2011-05-23 14:44
I felt like I needed to start over and re-create my blog. I don't want to focus solely on losing weight anymore. I have a lot of things going on and this just isn't my focus right now, which… Read More
Analysis Of A Derailed Diet.
2011-03-22 14:47
Well I am still incredibly busy these days. But at least the scale is finally starting to cooperate (somewhat) after going off the strictly low-carb plan. I know that lots of low-carb critic… Read More
2011-03-10 15:52
Hi there,I thought I should check in with y’all.As you all know, I’ve been struggling. I had to take a step back and dedicate some of the energy I was putting into myself and my… Read More
2011-03-01 01:49
I'm still here and trying to do my best. I'm not really following any plan per se, but I'm trying to at least watch my portions. The frustrating thing is that I've gained weight in just the… Read More
2011-02-25 01:41
Nothing I am doing is working. I can't seem to get things moving any longer. I try so hard and then I fail and then I feel like failure. And I just can't emotionally take it any longer. Now… Read More
2011-02-17 01:23
Latest Weigh in: 221.0So I didn't quite reach my goal, but I did lose. I"m not going to quit. I will persevere. In fact I decided to join a weight loss challenge that my work is running. I h… Read More
America Should Not Run On Dunkin'
2011-02-08 20:23
Weight today 221.0I messed up. I've been home potty training the boy for the last 4 days. (it's going well, better than I expected at this point). The problem is that all of my focus and ene… Read More
Report Card Time
2011-01-25 17:10
Weight this morning: 223.5Grade for the week- C+When I was in school, I heard many of my teachers lament about how little effort I put into my work. They accused me of “skating by on m… Read More
2011-01-19 14:34
Weigh in this morning: 221.4Mood: Overall fairly positive. I think I am finally breaking free from the damage I did over the last few months. I’m tempted (extremely tempted) top try to… Read More
2011-01-14 16:12
There is something inside of me that is changing. I’m growing, maturing and gaining strength. For most of my life I have had an awful habit of second guessing myself. I felt timid and… Read More

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