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2012-01-01 20:39
ITS A NEW YEAR. I am so excited for this year. I have a feeling that it will be AWESOME. I dont think the world will end but instead, the world of fashion will thrive more thanever. I can't… Read More
2011-12-28 18:03
hi gorgeous people!! I've been away for Sooooo log it's crazy. this past summer SUCKED. but oh well. I'm moving on from that and ive started fresh and new. if I didn't tell you before I have… Read More
2011-05-24 00:05
Hi everyone!!! Believe it or not, I miss you guys! Its the end of May and the last time I wrote was in MARCH. isnt that so sad? I have done so many cool things in the past couple of months a… Read More
2011-03-06 22:16
Hey everyone, I just went to the most amazing wedding last night of one of my good friends. The bride, lets call her Miss H., had a mermaid dress, on with tiny jewels on the creases at… Read More
2011-03-04 04:16
Hello fellow Teenistas. Sorry that I havent written in awhile. Life can get a little crazy, you know? What does everyone think of me putting on an amateur fashion show? I was thinking of hav… Read More
2011-02-15 02:01
Hey everyone! Sorry I havent written in awhile, life has been just so busy! Every single one of my weekends are booked until the end of March! I need to slow down a bit. So wasnt the superbo… Read More
2011-02-08 21:58
OK! So it took me awhile to figure out a good name for my blog but I think I've found it. Teenista is a fashionista and of course a beautifully young woman(or man) like yourself. This is wha… Read More
2011-02-03 01:26
If you're a teen who loves fashion, has a unique sense of style or just wants some new stlyes to try out, than this is the place for you to be (or read). Lets first start by me introducing m… Read More

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