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2015-01-31 19:00
Overworked and underslept, I'm giving myself an extension on the vids. Expect it mid Feb.The thing about working to deadline is that you start spewing bullshit to fill the content and while… Read More
The Original Princess
2015-01-28 17:36
A lesser known chief export of UK, moe.Ok nearly done with the vid, but will I finish it in time? Find out more at 10 Read More
First One Of The Year
2015-01-15 19:49
I hesitated on giving it a serious time but anyways. I do like the black & white version better though. But the fault lies with the painting method. Doing B&W first has its benefits… Read More
Hold Your Horses
2015-01-13 13:06
Like everything I do it's taking a bit of time. It's gonna be about two 1 hour (or 40 minutes if I speak really fast) tuts to get things started so it's heck a lot to write and narrate. Fort… Read More
2014-11-06 14:02
It's not a movie. It's a prediction.The movie is not about a dying planet with its people trying to survive. The movie is about our planet and its future.This is Nolan's wake up call to the… Read More
68 Faces And 1 Thing
2014-09-26 21:22
Well, I had imagined going totally nuts on my intro video and make it overwhelmingly epic. But then the life crushes any soul out of you and leaves you as husk of a man.So what I had in… Read More
Jinbrush 2014
2014-09-08 18:00
Download HereFor Photoshop CS or higher. (Only tested with Photoshop CC but should work with CS AFAIK)Last bit of organizing before the recording begins. This one was quite a bitch to put to… Read More

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