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2010-04-20 10:41
I'm sorry for poor updates but the past couple of weeks have been rough on me. I've been troubled with both asthma and allergies at the same time and it has worn me down quite a bit.It feels… Read More
2010-04-07 06:16
So now easter has passed and as usual, whenever I am off work for more then a couple of days I manage to get sick. On Thursday I woke up with a cold.Friday was Nathalies moving day and it we… Read More
2010-04-01 07:34
The morning started at 5.35 when Vincent came up and whispered "I need to poop". I was hoping that he would go back to sleep after that but he has such a cough he couldn't go back to sleep.S… Read More
2010-03-31 05:42
I think I might have covered this before and in that case you'll just have to bare with me, I'm getting older and perhaps senility is a part of the process.Anyway, the topic here is what if… Read More
2010-03-30 18:18
I don't know if you have ever seen it before, but Google offers to translate any homepage, blog etc on the Internet. Unfortunately they don't always do a great job.The following example is a… Read More
2010-03-29 19:02
For a three year Vincents imagination really is something else. Nathalie called me and told me of the following conversation between Vincent and his father.F: Go and pee before you go to bed… Read More
2010-03-28 06:27
I just have to clarify one thing, when I talk about the past I might sound a little bitter but I ensure you that I'm quite the opposite. It's just old feelings re surfacing. It's important… Read More
2010-03-28 06:11
What freak decided that we need to save daylight by stealing an hour of sleep from me last night? I woke up when Dannies alarm clock rang just to realize that my biological clock was one hou… Read More
2010-03-26 06:33
This morning I woke up at four o'clock with a headache supreme. But that was OK, that gave me the opportunity to talk two very special ladies that mean a lot to me. I also had time to read a… Read More
2010-03-25 12:29
It's only Mars (well almost April then) and still 40 seems to have become a huge mile stone to me. Much bigger then I had ever thought.Not only did I rediscover my loving family I find my se… Read More

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