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2011-04-20 22:32
It's been five wonderful years, but the time has come for me to close this blog.  What started as a blog on green living and design morphed into a blog on just living goode! I've lov… Read More
2011-01-07 13:45
 Stacey Robyn over at Go Gratitude has a wonderful exercise for us to try.  If you believe you reap what you sow, then this is a must! The ‘Seeds of Gratitude’ exercis… Read More
2011-01-07 13:00
While procrastinating one day, I came across this blog called Daily Routines (no, the irony is not lost on me!).  Discipline is not something I lack, nor is motivation, actually I think… Read More
2011-01-06 01:14
I've been to the Bliss Spa here in San Francisco and it is as its name implies.  My facial was great!  Their "publissity" team just sent this out.  I definitely plan on taking… Read More
2011-01-06 00:27
God said: You conceive obstacles. Certainly, you bump into them, yet, if you didn’t have the concept of obstacles, would they exist? Potholes might exist, but, then, would they be o… Read More
2011-01-06 00:09
Happy New Year!  A new year, a new slate, and a time for new beginnings.  Moments like these sometimes make me feel overwhelmed, because there's so much I want to do, and need to r… Read More

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