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2010-04-08 00:54
ok so i am a bad little yoga girl. i dont feel good. really honestly my throat and lungs are killing me and i feel achy and painy and i have the chills. my poops are weird and its driving me… Read More
2010-04-07 02:02
i think i did pretty well today. eating. i had earl grey (my fave drink!) for breakfast, a veggie sandwich and fruit salad for lunch and turkey sandwiches with mashed potatoes and cucumbers… Read More
2010-04-06 01:12
i am overweight. i am! its weird because… i don’t actually think of myself as overweight. i don’t think i really look fat…defiantly chubby but not particularly fat… Read More
2010-03-30 00:55
i never like my fellow co op students. well, i do as long as i don’t have to work with them directly. but in every instance that i have had to work along side another student, they hav… Read More
2010-03-23 04:58
ok, i love this show. seriously, i watch alot of tv and it has been a long time since i have loved a show THIS much. i cannot tell you how ecstatic i am that she is back!!!!!!!! why do i lov… Read More
2010-03-21 21:30
i have long been obsessed with apple in all regards. however, the iphone is something that i have lusted over for longer than even my extremely sexy macbook pro. however, being a telus custo… Read More
2010-03-19 04:03
i am 21 and have been with the same guy for nearly 6 years. 3 of those years we lived in different provinces, and we have broken up twice; both times my fault. we have been living together f… Read More
2010-03-19 02:17
“i’m going to punch you in the face” is by far one of my favourite sayings. i use it often, but never really mean it. however i recently discovered drunken me does mea… Read More
2010-03-17 04:45
ok so i realize i made a mistake. i am new to blogging, and am finding the whole thing much more confusing than i thought it would be! posting my blogs is simple enough, but i would really l… Read More

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